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I started packing our crystal collection today. 4 hours and counting folks. heathwitch I sympathise entirely with your packing predicament.


We can has house to rent - moving in 1st Dec!

I cried. I'm not ashamed. I'm going to be moving out of this 9x10 room that we've been living in for the last 2 years and into a house with the man I love.

No more Margaret. I can cope with 2 more weeks of her sneaking into our room when we're out and putting anything that's left of ours outside our room on the bed whilst she has a good poke around. Only 2 more weeks.

Can a get a WOOT!?


So much stuff to write about.

Operation: Get the hell out of dodge
We have had a breakthrough. Pending final checks and confirmation we have found a place to rent. It's about 4 streets away from where we are right now and is very 'us'. It's a 3 bed mid-terrace. It has a small rear garden and is decorated very neutrally which is great. The whole width of the back wall is glass so the whole place feels very connected to the garden and beautifully light. Barring any complications we have requested moving in on the 1st of December, meaning that we will hopefully fairly settled by yule. It also means that we can have people to stay with us which is a major plus.

Health and stuff
I finally got to see a specialist and now have a CFS/ME and FMS diagnosis. My liver function is still something of a mystery to the medical profession but never mind. The specialist suggested a change in the medication that I've been taking and as of Thursday that has been changed. On the downside, I can't discontinue my old meds suddenly, so I'm now taking 2 lots of meds at the same time and I can tell you that I feel pretty damn weird. I was warned by the GP that I would feel rubbish but this is a whole other category of odd. The old meds are a sort of antidepressant used for pain killing purposes and regulating sleep. I'm now taking anti convulsives which have had some success treating diffuse nerve pain, and sleeping tablets to try to make sure that I get at least some good sleep, which would be really nice as I've probably had about 6 hours in the last couple of days. It's going to be at least 3 weeks until I've finished the switch over.

Good Stuff
Chris and I are going to see heathwitch and ajv on Friday, as H has her 'H is getting older but is in no way old and we love her dearly' party on Saturday. On Sunday we are hoping to see my honourary niece and her lovely parents before we head home. Assuming the house is happening we have to go and test out mattresses (in public, don't get smutty), look for a table and chairs and a sofa, not to mention start packing, eek. We don't have as much stuff as H and AJV but it's all packed in damn tight.

In September I auditioned and got into the Cambridge University Musical Society chorus. I meant to do it last year and totally missed the audition date. We are performing Mahler's 8th Symphony in Ely Cathedral at the end of this month and it should be very cool. I'm still singing with the Cambridgeshire Choral Society and will be singing with them in King's College Chapel in February. Other projects include recordings for the BBC for Easter (which may or may not happen), and a recording of the Widor Organ Toccata with vocal accompaniment, which should make ajv smile at the very least.

Thank the Lords and Ladies

I just had the heart stopping 'envelope from the DWP' experience.

I went for my health and ablilty to work assessment thingio a couple of weeks ago and have been terrified ever since that the miserable article that did my assessment was going to decide I was fit to go back to work - I'm very not.

The post came this morning and after trying to read through 4 pages of horrendous font (what is that font they use, it's totally unreadable if you have focus issues) it says in big letters:


Now I'm not entirely sure that it warrants the word 'award' but it will so for me.

The wave of relief is somewhat indescribable.

Old rant that still makes sense...

which is kind of comforting :)

My response to seeing this book in a public library in the teen section... need I say any more?

Everyday Spells for a Teenage Witch Marie Bruce (Morgana)Collapse )

OK Body... FFS

Been back to docs today. Peak flow hovering in the 350/400 vicinity with the occasional foray into 450.

I now have a pleasant green inhaler to add to my collection. It goes nicely with the brown and blue numbers already present and lets face it - now I can colour co-ordinate.

I feel like a bloody crash test dummy after a high speed collision test.

/end moan

I feel really guilty using this as a venting/whining arena, especially since most of my F-List deal with chronic pain and worse on a daily basis, but short of screaming my lungs out, which is a tad difficult right now, I don't know what else to do. I've tried the usual relaxation/meditation route - but I can't seem to come down from the ceiling for long enough to actually make it happen. Burying my head in a bucket of salty snacks (i'm not huge on chocolate - carbs are my nemesis) will be the next port of call, shortly followed by a gallon of wine. I really feel like I suck right now.

Blah... snap out of it woman!


Radio Silence

Apologies for my lack of posting. It's been a wonderful and hectic couple of weeks. I arrived home yesterday after spending a fabulous fortnight with heathwitch and ajv. We accomplished much in that time - hen night, dress fittings, photographer and wedding planner meetings, ceremony writings, confetti recipe explored...

I'm very happy, extremely buzzed and uber tired - but in a good way.

In other news, I've been having my recurring nightmares again. Cut to spare your f-lists Collapse )

I've been having the Buried dream for as long as I can remember - I think the worst memory I have of it was when I was 9 ish. The Gangster dream is a more recent addition to the dream repertoire and if never have it again I wouldn't complain - here's hoping.

Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring!

I'm in hospital. I'm fine and will hopefully be discharged tomorrow.

I've had a stonking cold for the last couple of weeks and despite my best efforts, the damn thing decided to settle on my chest. Hence, the first mayor asthma attack in 3 years ensued. I was determined to ride it out adn go to the doc's first thing Monday but eventually Chris and common sense prevailed and I went to A+E. With a delightfully disgusting cough and a peak flow of 270 - which would be considered bad for even a 90 a day a day smoker, I was admitted. I had to continue with nebulised meds this morning, meaning I now can't be discharged until tomorrow. At least the sexy canula has gone, and if I never have to have another blood gas sample taken (failed as last night attempt was or otherwise) again in my life it will be too bloody soon!

So no panic, just bored and feeling very silly for taking up valuable bed space. I have been reassured by the sister that I am a legitimate case since I should have a peak flow of 700 and it is currently hovering resolutely at the 450 mark.





Courtesy of buckrogers25 earlier today

cut for work-safenessCollapse )

I guess this must be doing the rounds of most workplaces at the moment, but it's the first time I've seen it :)