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Another one down...

Just finished another crochet project for the charity effort.  Made with Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton kindly donated by heathwitch .

The colour isn't totally accurate as my camera is being tempremental and seems to be washing out the blue-ness.  However, what can I expect from a phone camera really?

More Crochet Madness....

Another project for me finished - a toasty warm hat made from scrummy hand dyed yarn.  It was a Christmas gift that finally arrived a few days ago :)

The other 2 are charity projects made from yarn donated by muntahz  and heathwitch  - thanks so much ladies. 

Belt made from soy yarn and sirdar firefly

Hat made from Lionbrand Homespun

Busy Crochet Bee

I've just finished a crochet project for me - a skinny scarf that I'm dubbing Dark Lady in honour of Hectate.  The colour and feel of the yarn made me think of her the whole time I was working with it.  Dark blue transitioning into purple and a lighter moonlit blue shade, the slight roughness and firm structure once the pattern started building - it just spoke to me I guess.  I shall dedicate it to my Lady I think.

The second of my crochet successes is the first of many items that are being created for a Cancer Charity project that I'm working on.  muntahz  donated the yarn for this project and I think it look s pretty handsome.  There are a couple of others on the go that I'm hoping to finish and post soon.  I'll certainly post all the charity items on here so that y'all can see what I've been up to with your generous donations :)

What I'm doing today...

Bryn Terfel sings in the Chapel

Bryn Terfel

International opera star Bryn Terfel sings in a charity concert in the Chapel on Monday 1 February. Bryn is renowned for his charismatic performing style and the extraordinary breadth of his work.

He will be joined by King’s College Choir, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Cambridge University Music Society Chorus, and the men of King’s Voices (the College’s mixed choir). Stephen Cleobury will conduct.


More under here...Collapse )

What a day - should be fun :)

Finished Crochet projects

Tea scarf - took about 4 hours on and off, watching TV etc - it's lovely :)

Lavender Beret - also took about 4 hours. It's really warm.

Both are made with recycled yarn, so they're eco friendly too :)


Sir David's Birthday recording

Recording a CD with Sir David Willcocks this evening. Should be fun. He's 90, it's awesome :)

We're doing his vocal arrangement that goes with the Widor Organ Toccata and his arrangement of the National Anthem. Should be a laugh if evensong on Saturday was anything to go by.

Next big thing is concert with Bryn Terfel and then the Cambridgeshire Choral Society - in the same week. I'm must be mental.


Thank you and Ideas

I'd like to say a big thanks to all who have contacted me with offers of stash. I'm really hoping that this will be a successful addition to the event.

I've been thinking about the blanket for raffle/auction and have come up with:

Squares of either 12 or 24 cm in blue, pink, green or primrose yellow. These can then be stitched together to make a blanket that contains the colours of the three charities.

Donations of finished items would also be smashing, and I'm thinking along the lines of hats, scarves, gloves, blankets - things of the one size variety so that they have universal appeal.

If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great, and all offers of help in any form would be fabulous.

This year will be 13 years since my mum died from ovarian cancer. She was and still is my rock, she made me who I am and I hope that this can be something to make her proud :)


Requesting Help

Hello everyone :)

I have a request. My partner's mum is running a charity golf tournament in the summer for a local cancer hospice, Cancer research and the Macmillian folks. She also wants craft stalls, raffles etc for those who aren't in the tournament to be able to browse and contribute to the charities. I want to host a knitted/crochet goods stall and this is where you all (hopefully) can help me.

I'd like to ask for donations - of finished products, unwanted stash, ball ends that can be used to make squares - anything. I'd also like to maybe make a blanket of squares that we can raffle off, but I'm not sure of the logistics so any thoughts would be especially welcome.

My other request is that you pass this on to other people who might be able to help with this project.

Cancer has touched my life and I know some of yours in such a profound way and this is my way of trying to give a little back. Please get in touch with me if you think you would like to help.

I'm on Etsy

It's only taken a year and a half but I've finally got myself set up on Etsy.com.

There are just a few shiny things up at the moment, but I'll hopefully get some more up over the Christmas break

If you fancy a browse the page is:

Have a great Christmas break and if I don't get to post before have a great new year celebration :)


OMG How shit are you?

I've just had the misfortune to witness Catherine Jenkins on the Royal Variety Performance. Apart from the fact that she couldn't have chosen a song that suited her less, she was, as usual, pitchy as hell. Vibrato does not excuse you from being unable to maintain pitch past a minims worth.

I make no apologies for my dislike of Ms Jenkins. She's an allegedy classically trained singer who happens to have caught a break. Compared to the soloists and ensembles I have had the good fortune to work with she is a big pile of 3 day old pants. She should stick to what she's good at, which is annoying the shit out of people murdering classics rather than attempting to pull of years old pop-rock. Seriously, Amy used to fight with Wake Me Up Inside, you should have not even attempted it. You suck, you silly blonde wannabe.

Ah, better now.